Lactation brownies

Bee & Bear Bakery


These were designed with new Mums in mind - a brownie that is packed full of natural galactagogues (best word ever!), helping both quantity and quality of milk produced.  Sneakily concealed inside the delicious chocolate brownie bliss is brewer's yeast and flaxmeal, and they are topped with dark chocolate, toasted almonds and toasted sesame seeds. They are amazingly tasty, so you need to make sure Dads keep away...  

You can pop them in the freezer if you’re buying in advance of the big day, and they keep for several weeks if refrigerated.  

They’re also dairy-free! If you would like an alternative topping with no nuts or sesame then just let me know.

Price includes packaging and First Class postage, with a personalised hand-written note. The box contains 12 brownies, each 6 x 5cm.

*All our brownies are baked, packaged and posted the same day for next day delivery – please do not order brownies for delivery on a Monday, or the day after a Bank Holiday, as they will not be fresh after a weekend in the postal system.

If you are ordering in advance for a special occasion please just let me know when you would like this posting by replying to the confirmation email you'll receive after check-out.

Local delivery available from £14 - please contact me to arrange or 07890 793393


Cocoa; Flour (GF); Sugar; Rice Bran Oil; Eggs; Brewer’s Yeast (gluten); Milled Flaxseed; Syrup; Dark Chocolate (contains soya); AlmondsSesame Seeds

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