Twilight baking

This weekend has been a break between markets. I have a love-hate relationship with markets. Because of the nature of what I sell, everything has to be baked as close to the point of sale as possible in order to guarantee uber-fresh goods. So this means putting in long hours overnight. For my first ever market I had cleverly arranged a party for the Bear the day before, so I was unable to start prepping until late that night, let alone baking anything. I decide at 4am I needed a break, but was so wired I gave up trying to sleep and got up and carried on again. The fact I was 4 months pregnant with the Baby made this all the more bonkers. Since then I've always tried to get some sleep between midnight and 4am.
I loathe the late night shift, but I really, properly, love the early morning one. I genuinely think there is something completely magical about that pre-dawn and dawn world, and would happily shift my life forward several hours! In fact one morning last week I merrily drove off to our nearest 24 hour supermarket at 5.15am to buy trainers for the Bee, after a shameful note from her gym teacher revealed her current pair were too small. It was utter bliss - favourite time of the day, during my favourite time of the year, entire superstore to myself, and I discovered a dedicated gardening aisle which I ransacked. It was only when I got to the self-service till (don't expect someone to actually serve you at 5.30am) I realised I had forgotten all about the trainers...
Anyway, despite hating the first few hours of a Market Bake, by early the following morning I'm hitting my stride. And then comes the best bit, with everything baked, the scent of a sell-out day and hundreds of potential gift-order customers lingering in the air, I set off into the Sussex countryside in Grizzly Bear's clapped out Corsa (which would be described as 'honest' if it were a horse).
And then a few hours later I return and do it all again - I have two markets a month and they are in the same weekend. So by Sunday afternoon, as I pack up and leave Eastbourne, it's the customary post-markets bottle of Cava I can scent on the air!
So with Seedy Sunday last weekend and my usual markets next weekend, this one has been rather calm. Although I am indulging my passion for early mornings, my competitiveness and my love of a good bargain by sneaking out at dawn tomorrow to go to a car-boot sale...
Here is a goat from our walk today - it took me nearly a year to discover he and his brother were pygmies. I kept remarking on how very slowly baby goats grew. Eventually someone put me straight.

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