It's the last few days of the Easter holidays for us - surprise, surprise I still have all the name tags to sew on to the summer uniform... But on reflection not skiing was actually fine, and I'll be sad when term starts again. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a three hour round trip for their 4 year old to spend 30 minutes on a dry ski slope, in the driving rain. Or want to spend an hour on a tennis court in a force 9 gale with a wind-chill of -2,... so the same 4 year old can practice their backhand (never actually managing to connect ball and racquet).

Apart from the weather it has been fab though. Today we went to the Spa Valley Railway for a Day Out With Thomas - the 1 year old even managed to throw our thermos onto the tracks under Percy. Here's a picture of him trying to pretend it was his brother.

Many of you will have seen my post a few days ago about unlinking my Instagram and Facebook account, so I won't we posting stuff here quite as much, but I will promise to try and always do my blog, so I can update those of you not on IG at least once a week.

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