This week has seen the Bear starting in Nursery and the Bee moving into Kindergarten (if she hadn't been so lazy in utero she'd have been starting school proper, but there we are, only another 12 months of being told how best to run my own home, day in, day out...). Despite having 8 weeks to sew on name-tapes and buy white ankle socks, I decided it would be much more fun to leave it until there was less than 24 hours to go. There's nothing like cranking up the adrenaline the day before term starts. Obviously there are now no white ankle socks left in Sussex, so the Bear has been doing gym in his grey school ones, and the Bee is wearing ones I bought when she was 2...this week I am going to cave in and buy the ridiculously over-priced ones from the school shop and set myself a reminder to do all this in July next year. What's been really great about the start of term though, has been the much anticipated cold they have all come down with, less than a day after returning. The Baby is utterly miserable about life.

Sadly the start of term for the kids means the same for Grizzly, and I've been subjected to Booker with three kids on my own more than once already. Despite only just turning 4, the Bee has been doubling as the au pair for some time now, and relishes the power and control the merest hint of responsibility gives her. However she is very good at negotiating the aisles whilst pushing a Maclaren with the Bear strapped into it, and warning him what the consequences will be if he grabs anything off the shelves. If only the Baby understood...I spent a good five minutes emptying out the back of the Phil & Teds on Saturday afternoon - in the time it took the nice lady in the local craft shop to take the Bee's passport photo, he'd emptied a shelf I'd parked him next to of small wooden letters and stowed them all under his feet.

Anyway, enough about the ferals...Rafa is on court....

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