So that’s it - the Great Steam of 2017 has come to an end. 195 puddings. 43kg of dried fruit, 252 eggs, 14 litres of brandy, 126 carrots...if I go on I’ll entirely reveal my recipe, but it’s been epic....

I have the following left if anyone was wavering:
S: 1
M: 2
L: 4
XL: 7

I was planning a quiet week, celebrating the end of pudding season, with my feet up, sipping gin. Instead I have 600 brownies and 240 muffins to make.

Meanwhile, back at Bee & Bear HQ, this was behind today's door!! It would obviously have been a much prettier picture if the entire door hadn't come off in the Bear's hand, but rather apt, I thought!

Right, am keeping it short this week in order to get some sleep before the Great Bake begins. See you on the other side!

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