I think I might move my Sunday blog to another night of the week as it keeps getting shelved so I can do the Sainsbury's order, or bake, or recover from a trip to the swimming pool. Anyway, for tonight, here I am!

In case anyone is wondering, it seems Royal Mail didn't eat my orders after all, just took nearly a week to deliver a couple of them. The other orders that according to Track & Trace had never arrived, had... Anyway [touching wood] everything I have posted since then has arrived the next day, so we seem to be back to normal. Apparently the Great Snow the week before Mother's Day caused mayhem and created a knock-on effect for the following weekend. I know...let's move on.

There are lots of exciting new things on the web-site - subscription services for 3 or 6 months for brownies, muffins, afternoon teas, or a mixture. Easter brownies - egg-shaped and classily glittery. An Easter Afternoon Tea including Hot Cross Buffins and the aforementioned brownies. And all Bee & Bear brownies (apart from the chocolate orange ones) are now dairy and gluten-free.

Meanwhile it's the Easter holidays already, and apparently we are the only people in the world not currently skiing. We would have been skiing too but I couldn't get travel insurance for one of the children. So instead we're having a Staycation, which is how people who aren't skiing justify the lack of snow and apres-ski in their lives. I have 4 weeks of non-skiing outings planned, from lambing to tennis lessons. All for the benefit of the children. Last night I realised 85% of people I knew were spending the first night of their holiday in a chalet being cooked for, while their ski-boots were warming nicely in the boot-room... Meanwhile I was cooking pizza and planning a trip to a Pinetum in the morning. Come 10.30pm I was forced to break my own golden rule, that of never drinking booze from the baking cupboard. And while I tucked in I pretended I was on holiday as well. I'm entirely blaming Tia Maria on my failure to remember the clocks were changing...

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