I finally managed to get my Valentine's Box sorted this week, which you may or may not have noticed I've been rather excited about. Clearly it's extremely beautiful, even if I say so myself, but also very yummy. I have been offloading the ones I didn't need to photograph pronto, in a frantic attempt to retain some allure myself come 14 February. I'm sure someone told me once that if you work with food you lose your appetite, or don't want to eat it, or something. Obviously that person was stronger than me...

In case you missed the posts, there are a dozen brownies, three flavours, so four of each. Simple maths. You would think. The picture tells a different story though. I spent a good fifteen minutes arranging these, photographing them 230 different ways, then wrapping and photographing them in the box. It was at that point I thought something was wrong - there was a lot of extra room. I had to start again with 12, rather than the 9 we have here.

Anyway I decided for my own sanity I was only going to order 50 boxes, so there are a finite amount of orders I can take. Hopefully by next year the Bee will be fully trained in packing, and running the dispatch side of the business, leaving me to focus on baking. Her ability to waste yards of sellotape trying to pull a tiny amount out of the dispenser doesn't bode well however.

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