Networking & The Notebook

You may have spotted on my posts over the last week or so that I recently signed up to The Notebook, which is a fantastic innovation by an amazing local lady called Oana Liliac. In essence, she is producing a 2018 diary, featuring local businesses and entrepreneurs, who have an opportunity to tell their story, and inspire others, via a page within the diary. 5,200 copies will be distributed in the local area. I met Oana at a networking meeting. I'd never been to a networking event before, and had no idea what to expect. But the meeting coincided with Grizzly being at home to look after the kids, having no family car, and it raining sideways. I explained how important it was for the business that I spent 2 hours in a local pub drinking tea, and off I skipped. Entirely unprepared. I arrived in Grizzly's ancient clapped out Corsa, had nothing to write with, or on, and took no business cards with me. I happened to find the correct number of cards bent in my purse, and someone took pity on me and handed me some paper and a pen. And it was actually really inspirational. The other ladies had some great ideas about how I could grow the business and it was fascinating listening to other people talk about how they were growing theirs. Which is how I met Oana and heard about her project. She came round to the house a couple of days ago to take my picture for the page (she is actually a portrait photographer when she's not doing The Notebook). Obviously the children behaved appallingly and I wondered how anyone with pre-school children ever manages to run a business from home. Clearly they're better at child raising, or perhaps have less feral genes.

In other news, we've got the car back - predictably they couldn't find anything wrong with it. So I expect very soon I'll be regaling you with tales of being stranded in the middle of nowhere on my own with all the children, and lovely Brett being too terrified to come and help me again...

On the plus, we are about to embark, Volvo willing, on our second break of the summer, to stay with Granny and Grandpa in Yorkshire. There shall be no baking for 2 weeks. But the brandy is poised for our return, and it's straight into Christmas pudding production for the next 3 and a half months! Order book opens 1 September, and they will be live on the web-site by then as well.

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