So Christmas is officially over, the sitting room has returned to some sense of normality (meaning there is no longer a tree hiding the packing area for Bee & Bear) and my plans for 2018 can begin in earnest. I have learned from my mistakes of 2017, and I have a proper plan in place for this year, ensuring no last minute panics, and everything organised and in place in good time. I did have a minor turn in the middle of the night recently w...hen I realised how close we were to Valentine's Day, but then I remembered my wall planner, and my planning meeting, during which I met with myself, asked myself some searching questions, and concluded as long as I was one step ahead it would all be fine. And it will be. And it's all very exciting. And for someone as bad at keeping secrets as me, it's hard work not blabbing here and now about the minutes I took and the plans myself and I made.
I did however forget to invite me as a Mum of three to the I need to leave you now as I have 17 items of clothing to label and a fleecy hat to find before 8am tomorrow morning when the nursery run starts again...thank God I didn't give up booze for January.

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