Christmas pudding production has slowed somewhat over the last ten days due to me spending around 9 hours at our local hospital on three different occasions with two different children (they're both fine now - the Bear broke his finger and the Baby dented his head on the hearth). I did A&E twice, fracture clinic and the paediatric assessment unit, often with all three in tow, and often for hours at a stretch. It's been epic. This week I also discovered the gin section in Booker.

But back to puddings. These tiny ones are properly cute - and while one might not fill a family of four after Christmas dinner, I've come up with some occasions on which a mini Christmas pudding would be excellent (they are also something interesting and aromatic to carry around in your bag, as I'm demonstrating here):
1) Wedding favours - personalised with the name of the couple and the date of marriage
2) Dinner party - a festive alternative to the obligatory Gu pots
3) Gifts for staff and colleagues - how great would it be to arrive at work on Christmas Eve and discover one of these on your desk
4) Gifts for clients - fab in a Bee & Bear box with some festive brownies and a couple of muffins
5) Teacher thank you gifts - with a personalised message from your offspring

So there you go!

And as well as on-line, you can also purchase aforementioned puds from British Design: British Made in Battle from mid-November onwards, or at the following Christmas Fairs:
11 November - Vinehall School
25 November - King John's Nursery
2 December - Poppinghole

Larger sizes are available.

I'm hoping for a quieter week, and to spend less on hospital parking.

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