This week the Bee and the Bear started back at nursery, with named clothes, and I began trying to get control of my life again. By Monday I had done my tax return, by Tuesday I had had my will witnessed. By Wednesday morning I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Until I realised the will which had been signed and witnessed was dated 2017, because I'd stuffed it away on the dresser behind the fruit basket before Christmas - way before Christmas in fact. So now I have to amend it to 2018, and initial the amendment, in the presence of two witnesses again...

Anyway on Thursday I discovered the baking section in Waitrose. This was properly exciting. We've had a Waitrose open near us for over a year now (rural Sussex...), and this was my first trip. I had the Bear and the Baby with me, who humoured me for a good 10 minutes whilst I got very excited about tubes of freeze-dried fruit, and goji berries, and syrups I can't even remember the name of. Then I realised the Bear was nowhere to be seen and had a mild panic until I found him staring at tractor magazines at the end of the aisle. I'm planning a return trip on my own.

I am now deep in preparation ahead of the big reveal for this year's Valentine's Day box, which I am dreaming about every night at the moment. Along with other weird stuff like trying to source mare's milk in local deli's...sadly I woke up before I found any, but I had been assured it was available in Hastings.

Here is a quick reminder of the muffin I started with, nearly two years ago now - chocolate and beetroot. I made some for an order this weekend and I never get tired of them. They're dairy-free too, so no mare's milk required.

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