The Bee turned 4 today, so we had a family excursion to a farm near us. We're lucky to have a few open farms nearby, but this one has pony grooming, sheep racing, and vast amounts of cider and perry (the National Collection no less). I sent Grizzly off to buy some during the picnic, and he returned with a large plastic bottle of Little Red Rooster. Obviously we had nothing to drink it from, short of emptying out the Baby's breadstick pot, or beaker, so he returned for some taster glasses. They were minute, so my dream of relaxing with a glass of cider during our picnic turned into what must have looked to the casual observer like a student drinking game of endless urine-coloured shots.

Quick reminder for anyone who missed it - my Christmas pudding order book is now open, and until midnight you can pre-order one with 10% discount. I've been stirring and steaming all week. It did occur to me that if I make the same wish every time I stir a bowl with pudding mixture in, that's a lot of wishes. If you see me posting about my new Aston Martin come the New Year you'll know it worked.

I came across this tipple in the Farm Shop - seems I'm not the only one thinking of the Festive season already.

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