Sorry, sorry...I've missed two weeks of blogs...but I'm back...and thank you to everyone who ordered Valentine's boxes and normal brownies, and children's party food, and generally kept me busy, busy for a fortnight solidly. The brownie boxes I did for Valentine's were really exciting to create and do, and they seem to have gone down a storm. So I'm straight onto Mother's Day and hope to have a new special box for that to order by this time next week. Think floral...

I'm also working on an Easter box too, for those of you wanting to send something a bit different from an Easter egg. And I'm planning to keep some of the 'specials' available all year round.

And weddings - the season will be upon us soon and I've had 3 enquiries about weddings in the last fortnight. So yes, I can do weddings, whether you want a brownie stack, trays of brownie canapés, or a platter for the pudding table. Just get in touch!

So not much going on really...

I also got around to registering Bee & Bear as a limited company this week - so I am now officially Bee & Bear Bakery Ltd. Looking people's businesses up on Companies House has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, only eclipsed by my other obsession, Being able to find out what people paid for their houses and what their turnover was last year is way more exciting than stalking someone on Facebook and discovering where they holiday. However I do have a slightly nauseous feeling about the fact people will now be able to do the same to me.

Right, I think that's quite enough oversharing for one week. I shall be back in the kitchen tomorrow morning, bringing you new and exciting brownies. Here is a picture of Grizzly's Valentine's flowers perfectly matching my brownies!

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