Jeff & Rapunzel

And so ends another weekend. One rather dominated by trying to produce chocolate orange muffins in a furnace. Our kitchen is never cool, thanks to the vintage Aga which belts out an unbelievable amount of heat 365 days a year - and never more noticeable than during a heatwave. Baking at 5am provided little relief, and I was forced to fridge everything before, during and after baking. I will never again accuse the bakers of GBBO of being whingey whiners when it gets warm in the tent. To be honest I'll probably never again watch GBBO, but that's for another blog...

This morning was the last of the Father's Day orders. I was yet again joined in the kitchen by the Bee around 5.45am, and the Bear started shouting to be liberated from his cot shortly afterwards. I decided Grizzly Bear deserved to be part of the action about an hour later, and he had his shocking pink paperweight of a present deposited on his pillow around 6.45am.

Grizzly had to work today, so the remaining four of us set off to deliver muffins en route to Bateman's, former home of Rudyard Kipling, now a National Trust property near us. Today it was hosting Sussex Day, and a Duck Race down the River Dudwell. Muffins delivered, we arrived there at 10.30am. The Duck Race was scheduled to start at 2.30pm. Within 10 minutes of arriving 2 out of 3 children had filled their nappies and the Baby wanted feeding. The Bee was dubious about the idea of ducks and racing when I suggested it, and said 'You know what they're like, they'll just wander off', but happily we found a table full of yellow plastic ones. We bought 5 ducks and went home again, after I promised the children we could come back after lunch. Which we did...the car said it was 39 degrees when we got back in it at 1.30pm. I'm not suggesting it was actually 39 degrees in Sussex this afternoon (the car's Swedish and likes to show off, frankly), but our commitment to duck-racing in adverse conditions deserves a mention.

The River Dudwell seemed to be less of a river and more of a static stretch of water, so the race itself required a level of commitment from two 'sweepers' similar to that of curling, only the frantic broom action was happening behind the flock. Eventually 'Twinkle Shadow' came in first, who wasn't one of ours sadly. We were, however, reunited with Beth, Jeff, Mother Duck, Wanda and Rapunzel as they eventually bobbed in. And here they are in all their glory.

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