My plan to move my blog from a Sunday failed, so here we are!

You may remember from last time that we were the only people on earth not freshly arrived in the Alps, and I was trying to recreate my own 'not-skiing' fun in Sussex. Ultimately this ended badly, with me spending the next 6 days hungover every morning, with no fresh snow, mountain air or snow crèche to deal with the fall-out. Just rain. So I called an end to my imaginary ski-trip eventually, and started behaving normally again.

In fact it's been busy busy at Bee & Bear HQ, with the relaunch of the raspberry & dark chocolate brownie, and a dreamy collaboration with Little n & the Lion for the perfect gift for new mums. And this week I am hard at work on another collaboration for Father's Day...I'm keeping quiet for now but it's going to be pretty darn special!!

The other thing I'm doing this week, weirdly, is sorting out my Christmas Fair schedule and planning my pudding production. Last year took me by surprise, in a good way, but also in a 'I might not make Christmas' kind of way. So assuming the demand for puddings is even greater this year, I'm determined to stay ahead of the game and actually get to Christmas Eve in one piece this time. Everyone loves a bit of festive drama in April!

We had a Bee & Bear pudding on Easter Sunday by the way. It was magnificent, even better than it was at Christmas. Not sure whether this was due to it being an 'out of season novelty' or just better for a longer maturation, but I'm not holding back on starting to make them.

Here's a problem I hope I never have...

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