I have mainly spent this week recovering from last Saturday...however I did find time on Wednesday to deliver a batch of puddings to BRITISH design: BRITISH made, in Battle, and later in the week I secured a new stockist, Browns Farm Shop, Robertsbridge. I have a couple more possible outlets in the pipeline, which is all very exciting! In my head I'm a sophisticated artisan producer who wows people with her demure poise and presence even before they've taste...d the goods - I have three feral children to dispel any such myth. I kept them all strapped in the car while I dropped off some puddings at the open-fronted farm shop on Saturday morning, and my beguiling chat was rudely interrupted before it had really started by the Bear wailing very loudly, closely followed by the Bee screaming 'YOU CAN'T GET OUT, SO JUST STOOOOOP CRYYIIIING!!!!'. There was no-one else in the car park so I couldn't even tut disapprovingly at another customer.

For anyone who missed it I did launch the first of my festive brownies this week - chocolate orange no less. The second one is close to lift-off, I just have a minor tweak to make to the buttercream (I know, I distinctly remember saying 'no icing, ever', but trust me on this one...), and some experimenting to do with excitements like edible glitter gel, and gold spray... By the way gold spray is a God-send if you have a picky toddler - they won't turn their nose up at broccoli once you've gilded it, believe me! Even cauliflower looks appealing once it's had the Midas touch. However, I am aware it might be addictive. I first came across it when I went to a demonstration at the Aga showroom in Tunbridge Wells where someone cooked an entire Christmas dinner in a 3 oven Aga in an hour. Obviously the turkey had been started off before our arrival, but it was a masterclass in multi-tasking and using every inch of your Aga. It was utterly exhausting to watch, and she didn't pause for a second, but as we neared the end of the spectacle, out came the Christmas pudding, and, without blinking, she reached for a can of gold spray, coated it, banged the can down on the counter, and announced she was done. I was slightly horrified if I'm honest, but after a few days of having some in my clutches I'm aware of how easily what starts as a bit of harmless fun from time to time can escalate...

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