This week I had childcare in the form of Granny and Grandpa staying, and the amount of work I managed to do was quite extraordinary. I launched the Floral Collection brownie, which is proving popular for Mother's Day, and am almost ready to launch a champagne & strawberry brownie (pictured), which will be available on it's own as a box of 12, but will also form part of my Cocktail Collection I've been working on. You may also have noticed that the new floral brownie box is gluten-free and dairy-free, and very soon I'll be making all the Bee & Bear brownies the same way. They taste fab, they are gooier in the middle, and can be enjoyed by the masses!

I'm still working on the Easter collection - just tweaking the decoration before I release them. And then there'll be the Royal Wedding collection to get started on (joke...although having said that...?).

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