Clucking Pigs

We made it to Yorkshire!

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary, so I suggested we celebrated by going to a food fair nearby in Filey. I love nosing at what other people are selling, charging, and how they display their wares. Had it not been raining and freezing, the oyster and Prosecco bar might have been the highlight. As it was, The Clucking Pig was more appropriate for the weather, and frankly the best company name I have come across in a long-time - they sell scotch eggs, genius. And then in the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate. Here is a gratuitous close-up of my mussels, and Grizzly using his finger bowl. This was a replacement finger bowl, the first ended up in his lap as the waitress was setting up the table.
Today we had a beach day. Acres of sand, very few people, and unlimited choices of where to pitch ourselves. I suggested to Grizzly we could pretend we were on a Neilson holiday from days of yore - the sun was shining, and there was windsurfing and sailing.

Then we realised after 5 minutes we had picked the spot littered with broken glass and next to a dead dolphin. The lovely Lifeguards came along to remove the dolphin, which judging by their reactions had begun to 'peak'. Happily the wind was blowing other way and we were spared the stench ourselves.

And we still have another 10 days of beaches, and hopefully fewer cagoules!

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