So here we are in Yorkshire finally. ...

In the last 7 days I have baked and wrapped 732 brownies and 240 muffins. I could treat you all to tales of having to strip the Baby in Knightsbridge after delivering the bulk of the aforementioned baking, following an unfortunately timed exploding nappy...or of how we didn’t get the tree up until 20th December, and for the first time in 13 years the lights didn’t work, and the Bee had to decorate it because I was out delivering puddings...but instead I’ll just share this picture which says it all about my parenting over the last week. When I asked the Bee if she wanted to put some sherry out for Father Christmas, she said no, gin and tonic.

So cheers! And thank you for all the orders and support this year, it’s been epic. Lots of exciting things planned for 2018. But until then, enjoy your puddings! And Happy Christmas!

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