A Seedy Sunday

Sorry if anyone missed last week's blog - I temporarily lost track of days, and washing, and food shopping, and then it was Easter Sunday, and I had to attempt to claw control back in order to be the Easter Bunny, Captain of Egg Rolling, Head of Catering and Fun Mummy who, through gritted un-filled teeth, permits the eating of chocolate at both breakfast AND snack time. Happily normal service has now been resumed, and there is still a grotesque amount of chocolate waiting to be eaten.
Today I was at Seedy Sunday, which is less risqué than it sounds, but lots of fun none the less. While people arrived to swap seeds, buy plants, and find out about community projects in Eastbourne, I tried to intercept them and make them buy muffins. Largely with great success. I also met lots of lovely people - the lady opposite asked if she could take a picture of my stand - obviously I agreed assuming she thought it beautiful and inspirational - then she later revealed she was doing Slimming World and wanted to post a picture of her view to remark upon her great restraint... I also met a lovely lady called Sara who asked if I would be interested in joining a Food Assembly she is in the process of setting up in Eastbourne. I had shamefully never heard of The Food Assembly, which is a sort of Click and Collect Farmers Market (www.foodassembly.com) - but it's a fantastic concept, and taking off in London. Most importantly, however, I actually won a raffle prize!! Not just any prize though, an organic veg box from Hankham Organics! And thank goodness frankly, as I have failed to book the customary visit from Mr Sainsbury for tomorrow...but happily we now have chard and red cabbage and a pointed cabbage and potatoes and butternut squash and lots of other muddy delights I will need to Google before I attempt to turn them into anything!
I also relaunched the goat's cheese and watercress muffin for the summer season. We used to live in watercress country, and once attended the Watercress Festival in Alresford, Hants. I recall it being a great occasion, with lots of local producers selling their food and drink, and tours of the watercress beds. It was, however, a little strange that there was no watercress on sale, which was the one thing we had gone for...perhaps they were saving it all for the Watercress Eating Championship, during which someone broke the World Record (and someone else was sick).
Talking of which, the Bee, the Bear and the Baby had a day out with Grizzly Bear to Sheffield Park Gardens, and enjoyed their umpteenth National Trust Egg Hunt of the Easter Season. Because that was what we needed...more chocolate!

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